Like the colors in autumn

Losing him was blue like I’d never known
Missing him was dark grey all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met
But loving him was red
Memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song
Regretting him was like wishing you never found out love could be that strong
And that's why he's spinning round in my head
Comes back to me burning red

It started with a whisper

Reminds me of childhood memories

Yes I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all

Make the fire disappear when they stare. Take away my fear when they interfere.

I know we only met but let's pretend it's love

Stay Strong

Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing,
It's okay not to be okay. ♥

We only got one world, that's all we got

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